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As part of our ongoing commitment of always enhancing our online services for the benefit of our wide and diverse audience across the globe, we are now also offering our new and very secure web-link, ak.ht to accomodate those with limited bandwidth/data to also easily access our daily broadcasts online.  Access to our Internet radio player is easy and very friendly and does not involve any downloading!  Just open your browser and type the simple words, ak.ht and start enjoying AKTINA FM on the go or at home.  Our web-link works on all types of mobile phones and desktop devices (new and old, IPhones, Androids, Kindles, Ipads). To start the player just click on the displayed volume symbol.  If you have a mobile phone or desktop devise which works best with other players, for your convenience we have also included all other available players and you can select from the five (5) different icons displayed on our site.   


NEWS FLASH!  Listeners who are T-Mobile customers have unlimited data, talk and text no matter which plan they have.  In this respect, if you are T-Mobile customer you can enjoy AKTINA FM for absolutely free 24/7 on your cellular right on this website without any worries that you are being charged for data usage. 


All other listeners with unlimited bandwidth/data, can also continue to enjoy AKTINA FM right here on this website at home or on the go!  When you are travelling in your cars, connect the USB of your mobile phone or device with your car radio.  If you have Amazon Echo, just give the following command: "Alexa play Greek American Internet Radio", or, "Alexa play Greek American Radio" and you will immediately start enjoying AKTINA FM 24/7!


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