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Since 1977 Serving With Distinction The Rich Heritage, Culture & Folklore of Cyprus & Greece in the USA


CYPRECO OF AMERICA, INC., (Cypriot Emigrants Cultural Organization) of America, Inc., was founded in 1977 by Elena Maroulleti, and Ioannis Ioannou as, Greek Folk Dancing Group "The Vraka" with a mission to promote and preserve the rich culture and folklore of Cyprus and Greece with the presentation of traditional folk dances, music and other folk arts activities. The group operated under the leadership of Ms. Maroulleti and Mr. Ioannou who also instructed the Cypriot and Greek folk dances.  In 1982, the group was fully incorporated in New York under the same name as an established Queens based cultural non-profit and tax-exempt organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the rich heritage, history, folklore and culture of Cyprus and Greece.  As the organization continued to expand and broaden its activities to also include other important programs such as theater (including ancient theater productions), literary arts, story-telling, lectures, film productions among other, in late 1989 the organization officially changed its name to CYPRECO Of America, Inc., to better represent its expanded non-profit mission and multi-cultural activities.


Since its inception the organization provides with the support of its dedicated volunteers a tremendous and beneficial cultural public service to Greek and Greek Cypriot Americans and to a very wide and diverse audience in New York and beyond.  This is achieved through the ongoing production and presentation of unique programs which highlight and examine the different aspects of the rich culture, history, folklore, folk music and dances of Greece and Cyprus.  In addition, through its active participation in numerous cultural events and ethnic festivals throughout the City and State of New York, CYPRECO reaches thousands more people and spreads the folklore of Cyprus and Greece. All of its productions are offered bilingual or entirely in English, while 90% of them are offered with free admission as a public service.

CYPRECO's annual productions dealing with the customs, folklore and traditions of Cyprus and Greece, including its very unique concerts which revive each year different aspects of the rich musical inheritance of Greece and Cyprus, are presented from its celebrated folk arts series, "The Traditional Folklore of Greece and Cyprus and Its Survival Through Time" (EST. 1979). Its annual productions which highlight and revive very unique aspects of the rich history, culture and folklore of Cyprus through special oral presentations, lectures, poetry recitals and screenings of highly acclaimed original documentaries, are presented from its acclaimed series, "Cyprus, Its History and Culture Through The Ages" (EST. 2006). On February 18, 2011 on the occasion of the Fifth Anniversary of this series, and for the production of the folk arts program "Cyprus In This Silk Routes", CYPRECO was honored with Special Proclamations by New York State Senator Michael Gianaris and New York Assembly Member Aravella Simotas. In their Proclamations both officials recognize CYPRECO of America, Inc., as "a significant cultural institution for all it has contributed to the residents of the New York State" and furthermore recognize and acknowledge the importance of this series.


CYPRECO of America, Inc., a member of the Federation of Cypriot American Organizations (formerly Cyprus Federation of America), since 1982, is a recognized and highly decorated representative cultural organization of Cyprus in the United States of America.  In 1993, CYPRECO teamed up with the non-profit cultural organization AKTINA Productions, Inc., the sponsoring organization of the Greek American bilingual radio AKTINA FM broadcasting live on New York's public station WNYE 91.5FM and on the Internet.  Since then, CYPRECO produces on AKTINA FM unique cultural content which celebrates, promotes and preserves the rich heritage and culture of Cyprus and Greece.  Such radio productions include the successful series CYPRUS HORIZONS airing every Sunday at 2:30pm EST.


The year 2009 marked CYPRECO's 30th anniversary and the organization celebrated this auspicious occasion with a series of very unique and successful cultural programs, concerts and other productions with the highlight being the sold-out concert CYPRUS-AEGEAN-SMYRNA - A Traditional Music Journey With A Tribute To The Rembetika (Greek blues) given with outstanding success on March 6, 2009 at the Queens Theatre In The Park featuring the renowned Traditional Folk Music Group from Greece, Estoudiantina Neas Ionias.

CYPRECO continues to produce unique musical performances which highlight different aspects of the Greek musical inheritance and is also collaborating with AKTINA Productions, Inc., in the production and presentation of AKTINA's acclaimed series GREEK MUSIC JOURNEY (Est. 1997) featuring the most distinguished and renowned singers and musicians directly from Greece.


The important cultural contributions of CYPRECO continue steadfast and every year the organization reaches thousands of people in the tri-state area of New York comprised by Greek Cypriot and Greek Americans of all generations and ages, including an impressive number of non-Greeks from different ethnic backgrounds who are educated about the different aspects of the Greek and Cypriot cultural heritage, folklore, music, customs and traditions.  CYPRECO's ongoing live concert productions and folk arts programs, as well as its radio programs about Cyprus and Greece continue to receive wide recognition from the public it services, as well as from New York City and State elected officials who honor the organization with Proclamations and Citations that further acknowledge the valuable impact its cultural performances and cultural radio programs have on society.  Read more about CYPRECO's recent outstanding and past performances on our Events-Concerts page.


We invite you to visit our website frequently to find out about all of our upcoming cultural and folk arts programs and activities which in their majority are offered with free admission as a public service.  We also invite you to sign up to our mailing and email list to receive advance notices.  To sign up, or for any additional information about CYPRECO of America, Inc., please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 718-545-1151.


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