The Ancient Church & Monastery of Agios Nikolaos



The COVID-19 pandemic crisis which began in early 2020 changed dramatically the lives of all.  Many non-profit organizations such as CYPRECO of America, Inc., who service large audiences had to re-evaluate and re-think how they can best still carry on with their pre-scheduled activities without putting anyone health at risk. As the number one priority of CYPRECO is everyone's health safety and well being, the organization televised the Agios Nikolaos mini-documentary instead of presenting it before a live audience on June 4, 2020 as it was originally announced.  Just few weeks later, on Sunday, June 21, 2020, CYPRECO televised the mini-documentary within the weekly broadcast of the highly rated television show, AKTINA TV airing on WNYE Channel 25 in New York City. 
With this quick alternative solution, CYPRECO safeguarded its audience but also fully complied with all government health safety guidelines including social distancing.  


Cypreco Ayios Nikolaos June 21 2020

Our mini-documentary successfully reached AKTINA TV’s vast established viewership in the Metropolitan area of New York comprised by Greek, Greek Cypriot Americans and New Yorkers of all other ethnic groups and backgrounds.


Over 950,000 viewers had the opportunity in the comfort of their home, to watch the documentary and we would like to thank all for their overwhelming response and for taking the time to reach out to us to provide their positive feedback. Furthermore, we are tremendously moved and greatly thankful to those who further expressed their appreciation for this televised presentation through their voluntary contributions.


This mini-documentary is part of the ongoing Folk Arts series, "Cyprus Its History and Culture Through The Ages" featuring very unique Cyprus Cultural Monuments and ancient archeological sites of immense historical and cultural value.  Filmed on location with the distinguished author and historian Andros Pavlidis, the Church and Monastery of Agios Nikolaos is among the most important historical sites of Cyprus.  It is situated on the northern slope of the famous Pentadaktylos mountain range on the eastern part and right below the centuries-old Kantara castle, exactly above the village of Davlos and dates back to the Byzantine era. The documentary is an in-depth walk-through presentation which highlights and examines the monumental importance of the church and monastery, its valuable ecclesiastical treasures that were housed there, while it also sheds light to its centuries-old history and events which took place at the site and which are closely associated to the turbulant history of the rest of the island.  Despite the fact that the church and monastery of Agios Nikolaos have suffered grave plundering and destruction during the 1974 Turkish invasion and subsequent occupation of almost 37% of northern Cyprus, the site remains one of the most valuable historical sites on the Mediterranean island.


This program was made possible in part by the New York City Departmet of Cultural Affairs, NYSED and private contributions. Media Sponsors, AKTINA FM and AKTINA TV.


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