The Roots Of The Cyprus Wine Folk Arts Program Enthuses Audience!

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A full house of guests enjoyed CYPRECO's very unique folk arts program dedicated to the wines of Cyprus on June 1, 2015 at the Cyprus House in Manhattan in New York.


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Wine Roots Wine Dinkers Recent EventsThe event, which was under the auspices of the Cyprus Embassy Trade Center in New York, was offered with free admission as part of CYPRECO’S ongoing mission of promoting different aspects of the rich heritage, folklore and history of Cyprus to wide audiences.  Under the title, “The Roots of the Cyprus Wine”, the event explored and highlighted the rich viticulture of Cyprus through a screening of an original mini-documentary and special remarks by Guest Speaker, Susan Kostrzewa, Executive Editor of Wine Enthusiast Magazine, and acclaimed publication that provides ratings and reviews for wines from around the world.

The event was greeted by CYPRECO’s President Elena Maroulleti who was also the Executive Producer of the program, the Cyprus Trade Commissioner in New York, Aristos Constantine and the Consul General of Cyprus, Ambassador Vasilis Philippou.

The short film which truly enthused all in attendance revived the centuries-old history and tradition of wine making in Cyprus with special emphasis to the Cypriot wine maker and to his ties to earth, vine and wine.  Furthermore, it showcased all of the main areas in Cyprus such as Paphos, Limassol, Troodos among others Cyprus Wines Elena Podium Recent eventsinvolved in cultivating vines and producing wine.  Enhanced with unique footage, the film also highlighted and explained the traditional methods, process and secrets of planting the various varieties of vines including the indigenous varieties “Xynisteri”, “Vamvakada” , harvesting the grapes and finally the process of producing the different Cypriot wines including the renowned and award winning Commandaria wine, the oldest named wine in the world.  The film also emphasized the unique character of the Cyprus wine, the cultivation and production of which has been on passed from generation to generation over the centuries and which is very closely connected to the history and culture of the people of Cyprus.

Guest Speaker, Susan Kostrzewa shared her expert opinion on the quality and uniqueness of the Cypriot wines noting that her visit to Cyprus which was organized by the Cyprus Trade Center helped her appreciate the depth and diversity of Cyprus’s cultivation and production of exquisite wines, noting  that the indigenous varieties “Xynisteri” and “ Maratheftiko” also known as “Vamvakada” produce exceptional wines.  “Foreigners need to further discover that Cyprus is not only a touristic destination but also an important place that produces fine wine” she further stressed.


Wine Roots Elena Susan Aris Recent EventsIn his remarks, Cyprus Trade Commissioner,  Aristos Constantine elaborated on the developments in the modern wine industry of Cyprus which continues to produce outstanding wines and urged the audience to share in the rich wine culture of Cyprus by trying the Cyprus wines available here in the USA.


A reception followed that gave the opportunity to guests to taste some of the indigenous varieties of the Cypriot wines such as “Xynisteri”, a dry white wine with fruity aroma of apricot and peach,  “Vamvakada” a medium red body wine from the Pitsilia region,  with citrus aromas and the famous Cypriot desert wine Commandaria.  Guests were also treated to some traditional Cypriot food and cheeses such as Halloumi provided by the Cypriot Tavern Zenon and TITAN Foods in Astoria.

A program with biographical information was also distributed for free to all in attendance.  The event was under the auspices of the Cyprus Trade Center in New York and it was made possible in part by Arch Capital Group (U.S.) Inc., the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and Astoria Bank, Ditmars Branch.  Media Sponsors: AKTINA FM and AKTINA TV.


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