Four Televised Mini-Documentaries Highlighting the Culture of Cyprus

Mini Documentaries CYPRECO 2021



The global pandemic that struck the world in 2020 ruined almost everyone’s plans well into 2021. Organizations such as CYPRECO had no other choice but to cancel all live performances that where planned for many months, even years prior, to comply with government health and safety guidelines and protocols. Since physical contact has been limited, we found a way to continue our folk arts activities FY20 and FY21 by televising them within the highly broadcasts of AKTINA TV, a non-profit and commercial-free television show airing on New York’s public station WNYE Channel 25 which covers the entire Tri-state area of New York. The programs televised FY21 included four different unique mini-documentaries highlighting the culture of Cyprus, some of which were presented several years prior before a live audience at the Stathakion Cultural Center in Astoria, New York.  Considering AKTINA TV's huge audience of over 950,000 in the Tri-state area of New York, we felt that it was very beneficial to reach these viewers and share with them these amazing documentaries.  The positive feedback we have received is exceptional.

In the course of six months, between October 4, 2020 to March 7, 2021 CYPRECO televised from the series, “Cyprus Its History and Culture Through The Ages" the documentaries, “The Centuries-old Tradition of Lace Making in Cyprus,” “The History of Wine Making in Cyprus,” “Cyprus in the Silk Roots” and the Palatial Bellapais Abbey.” The documentaries revived different aspects of centuries-old traditions relating to crafts and viticulture with in depth historical information and authentic artisans discussing and demonstrating their craft. The fourth documentary highlighted the Bellapais Abbey one of the most important ancient sites on Cyprus dating back to the early period of the Frankish occupation of Cyprus and more specifically during the reign of Amalric deLusignian, the first King of the island in the medieval period between 1197 and 1205. All documentaries were filmed on location.


The televised presentation of the documentaries was made possible in part by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.  Media Sponsors, AKTINA TV and AKTINA FM.



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